Artisan Builders Supply Welcomes You To Our Site!

We would like to introduce you to the different kinds of products that we supply.

I have over twenty years experience in the field of remodeling and custom home building with a top quality builder in the area.  I also have nine years of supplying millwork to builders, architects and homeowners in the Mid-Atlantic area.  This has given me the knowledge of the products used and the processes needed to build a quality home.

I like to get involved with projects as early as the planning stages.  This allows for me to help with the design of the project.  I will work with you so that you can see how the products we supply will fit into the design.  I will also review other options to help  prevent any problems that might occur when using those products in your design.  With hands-on experience I can follow the progression of the job and anticipate the next product group that should be decided on for selection to prevent any delays.

Please use my vast experience to help make your project a more enjoyable building process.

Custom detail as you see in the picture to the right is what we look forward to providing you.  We do a lot of "stock" type work but love to show our talents and styles in different ways.
This is a Flared stair with Red Oak treads.  Painted balusters, with Mahogany newels & rails.
Red Oak stacked starting step with return.  Craftsman type rail system, painted newels and balusters with oak rail and caps. 
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