Entrance Units

A custom designed front entrance unit with ellipitical leaded glass transom and side lites.  Side lites have the leaded glass in the upper half and a raised panel below.  Custom designed casing trims out the door and the cased opening in the foreground.
Arched topped door with 6-lites, a bird shelf and three flat panels below were just what the customer wanted for their house.

Here are a few of the door units that have come out of the shop.  Please take a look and see if something catches your eye.

Solid Mahogany door unit with a common arched top with 15-lites on each door leaf over one large raised panel.

As you can see the entrance units do not have to be all paint or stain grade.  This unit is another Mahogany door, four raised panels, with the rest of the unit being paint grade - side lites and transom.

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